Starting February 1, 2021 Metro ExpressLanes will issue reminder letters for Pay as You Go Notice of Toll Evasion Violations not paid.  Customers will have 30 days to pay the toll amount plus the $4 processing fee.  Violations notices that remain unpaid will accumulate additional penalties and may be subject to vehicle registration hold and/or sent to collections.

To make a payment online please have your notice number and vehicle license plate available

Click on the link, Pay Now

Step 1: Enter your notice number, vehicle license plate, & click search

Step 2: Select the violation notices that you want to pay, then click Actions and Pay Now

Step 5: A summary of your charges will be displayed, click Next

Step 6: Enter the credit card information and click next to process the payment

Step 7: Confirm and click Pay Now

Step 8: A receipt will be generated for your records