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Carpoolers that use the Metro ExpressLanes earn rewards through the Carpool Loyalty Program. Watch to find out how the program works.

Carpool Loyalty Program

On the I-110, vehicles with two or more occupants per vehicle are able to use the Metro ExpressLanes toll-free at all hours. On the I-10, vehicles with three or more occupants will be able to use Metro ExpressLanes toll-free at all hours. Vehicles with two occupants pay a toll during peak hours (5am-9am; 4pm-7pm), but will have toll-free use during off-peak hours. Single occupant vehicles have the option to use Metro ExpressLanes but will be charged a toll.

The Carpool Loyalty Program automatically enters the Metro ExpressLanes FasTrak account holder into a monthly drawing for a chance to win toll credits when they use the ExpressLanes as a carpooler.