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All the places you can use FasTrak ®

FasTrak ® is an electronic toll collection system used on tollways in California that allows drivers to drive through designated "FasTrak® Only" lanes without stopping. There will be no toll booths and all tolls will be collected electronically. All vehicles, except motorcycles, will need a FasTrak® transponder, associated with a valid FasTrak® account, to access the Metro ExpressLanes.

Customers who want the option to travel as a toll-paying solo driver and/or toll free carpooler will need the new, switchable FasTrak® Flex. Motorists should indicate the number of occupants in their vehicle prior to starting their trip on the ExpressLanes. FasTrak® Flex transponders will be portable and can be moved from one vehicle to another.

Drivers that already have a standard (non-switchable) FasTrak® Flex can only use the Metro ExpressLanes as a toll paying customer. Drivers that want the option to travel toll-free on the Metro ExpressLanes must upgrade to the switchable FasTrak. The Metro ExpressLanes FasTrak® Flex transponder can be used on all other toll facilities in California.

Sign up for a FasTrak account.

Mount FasTrak Flex in your vehicle.

Before each trip, set FasTrak Flex to indicate how many people are in your vehicle.

Enter the ExpressLanes at designated FasTrak entry points.

Save time!