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Low-Income Assistance Plan

Qualifying residents of Los Angeles County will receive a discount of a one-time $25 credit when they set up their account (proof of eligibility required). This credit can then be applied to either the transponder deposit or pre-paid toll deposit. The monthly $1 account maintenance fee will also be waived.

To qualify for the Low-Income Assistance Plan, you must:

  • Be an LA County resident
  • Have an annual household income equal to or less than the amounts shown below:
Low Income Table Information
  • Provide proof of eligibility by submitting a copy of one of the following documents with your applications:
    • Check Stub
    • Public Benefit
    • MediCal
    • Tax Return
    • Lifeline
    • LAUSD Lunch Recipient
    • EBT

To apply for the Low-Income Assistance Plan, download the application, provide proof of eligibility and submit by mail, or visit one of our walk-in center locations. For more information, click here.