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How will enforcement work on the Metro ExpressLanes?
In order for the Metro ExpressLanes to operate efficiently, a combination of visual monitoring by California Highway Patrol (CHP) vehicles, photo enforcement and FasTrakĀ® will be used to ensure legal use of the ExpressLanes. When traveling on the Metro ExpressLanes, a beacon light will indicate the transponder occupancy setting. The beacon light is visible to the CHP who will perform a visual verification of the vehicle occupancy and cite non-compliant drivers. In addition to the CHP, if a driver uses the Metro ExpressLanes without a valid transponder, a photo of the vehicle license plate will be taken and the registered owner of the vehicle will be issued a Notice of Toll Evasion Violation.
What happens if I have both my standard and switchable transponder in the car?
It is not advised to have both transponders in the car at the same time when traveling on the I-10 ExpressLanes unless you have a mylar bag covering the standard transponder. This is because the system cannot distinguish between the two transponders so the standard transponder could be charged the toll even if the switchable transponder indicated the toll-free carpool switch setting.
What if I have a rental car?
Log into your account to update your vehicle information by adding the license plate of the rental car. You can provide an end date for the rental period. Next, simply mount your transponder in the rental vehicle. These steps are important because if the plate is not listed on your account and the transponder is not read, the transaction will be processed as a toll evasion violation, which may result in penalties by Metro ExpressLanes and/or the rental company.
How do I mount the transponder in my vehicle?
Metro Expresslanes FasTrakĀ® Flex Mounting Instructions