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What happens if I have both my standard and switchable transponder in the car?
It is not advised to have both transponders in the car at the same time when traveling on the I-10 ExpressLanes unless you have a mylar bag covering the standard transponder. This is because the system cannot distinguish between the two transponders so the standard transponder could be charged the toll even if the switchable transponder indicated the toll-free carpool switch setting.
Metro ExpressLanes help you get through traffic faster on the 110 and 10 freeways. They're toll-free to eligible carpools, vanpools and motorcycles, and available for a toll to solo drivers.
All drivers, including carpools, need a FasTrak® transponder to use the ExpressLanes. Motorcycles do not need a transponder.

Sign up for a FasTrak account.

Mount FasTrak in your vehicle.

Before each trip, set FasTrak Flex to indicate how many people are in your vehicle.

Enter the ExpressLanes at designated FasTrak Flex entry points.

Save time!