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What is FasTrak®?
FasTrak is an electronic toll collection system used on all toll facilities in California. It allows drivers to drive through designated "FasTrak Only" lanes without stopping. There are no toll booths. All tolls will be collected electronically and charged to your valid FasTrak® account

Where do I get FasTrak®?
Customers can establish their Metro ExpressLanes FasTrak accounts online, by calling 511 and saying “ExpressLanes”, by mail, in person at designated walk-in centers in El Monte and Gardena or at designated retail locations.

How does the switchable FasTrak® transponder work?
Prior to starting each trip, the driver will indicate the number of occupants in the vehicle by moving the switch on the transponder to the appropriate setting (1, 2, 3+). The switchable FasTrak will help enforce occupancy requirements and enforcement will be aided by dedicated CHP officers who will provide visual verification.
Where are the different switch positions?
For a two person carpool (2), the switch position is located to the far left, and for a three or more person carpool (3+), the switch is located to the far right. The single occupant (1) switch position is located in the middle.
How does the FasTrak® transponder work?
A FasTrak® transponder is a small radio-frequency device that adheres to the inside of a vehicle's windshield and can be read by a sensor mounted over the roadway. As the vehicle enters the Metro ExpressLanes, an antenna will read the transponder and a toll/discount will be automatically charged to the vehicle owner's FasTrak® account.
Can I use my switchable FasTrak® transponder on other toll facilities?
Yes, the Metro switchable FasTrak transponder can be used on all toll facilities in California. When using your switchable transponder on other toll facilities you will need to set the transponder switch to the Single Occupancy setting regardless of the number of vehicle occupants. We suggest that if you are interested in learning about carpool discounts on other toll facilities that you contact that facility prior to travel.
I have an account with another toll agency; can I use my FasTrak® transponder on the Metro ExpressLanes?
Yes, a standard FasTrak transponder will work on the ExpressLanes but you will be charged the Single Occupancy toll rate at all times. If you would like to use the ExpressLanes as a carpooler and not be charged a toll, you will need to obtain a switchable transponder. Please contact the toll agency maintaining your FasTrak account to see if they provide switchable transponders.
You are not required to maintain two separate accounts. It is recommended that you only maintain one FasTrak account based upon the toll facilities you use the most. Please contact your current issuing agency for information about closing your FasTrak account prior to opening an account with Metro ExpressLanes. Metro ExpressLanes switchable transponders can be used to pay a toll on any toll facility in California.
What happens if I have both my standard and switchable transponder in the car?
It is not advised to have both transponders in the car at the same time when traveling on the I-10 ExpressLanes unless you have a mylar bag covering the standard transponder. This is because the system cannot distinguish between the two transponders so the standard transponder could be charged the toll even if the switchable transponder indicated the toll-free carpool switch setting.
Do I have to mount my transponder?
Yes, your transponder must be mounted on your windshield according to the instructions provided. Section 23302 (a) of the California Vehicle Code requires that the transponder be visible for the purpose of enforcement at all times when the vehicle is traveling on the Metro ExpressLanes.
Will my tolling agency provide switchable transponders?
If the majority of your trips will be taken on the Metro ExpressLanes, you should open a FasTrak® account with Metro to obtain a switchable transponder. If you mostly drive another agency's toll roads or bridges, but will sometimes drive the ExpressLanes, please contact the agency maintaining your FasTrak® account.
Where is the toll rate posted?
The toll rate is posted on freeway signage at least 1/2 mile before each entrance to the ExpressLanes.
Can I purchase more than one FasTrak® from AAA and open only one new FasTrak® account?
Yes. You may purchase more than one FasTrak® transponder from AAA, but please be aware that you will only receive one of the promotional toll credits to your account.
Do I have to mount my transponder?
Yes, your transponder must be mounted on your windshield according to the instructions provided. Section 23302 (a) of the California Vehicle Code requires that the transponder be visible for the purpose of enforcement at all times when the vehicle is traveling on the Metro ExpressLanes.
How do I install FasTrak® on my vehicle?
You can access the mounting instructions here.
Where should I mount my transponder if my car has a metal oxide windshield?
If your vehicle has a metal oxide windshield you should consult your vehicle owner's manual or contact your dealership for the proper mounting location.
Is my FasTrak® transponder interchangeable between vehicles?
Yes, the FasTrak transponder can be moved from one vehicle to another. Customers intending to use FasTrak in multiple vehicles should list all vehicle license plates on their account.
If you do plan on using your transponder in multiple vehicles, be sure to have enough Velcro strips so that the transponder can be properly mounted in each vehicle.
What happens if my FasTrak® is lost or stolen?
Immediately report your FasTrak® lost or stolen to the Metro ExpressLanes Customer Service Center by logging into your account at and updating the status of your FasTrak® or call 511 and say "ExpressLanes" or 877-224-6511 if you are outside of LA, Orange or Ventura Counties. You will be responsible for toll charges incurred until the time the transponder is reported lost or stolen. If you locate your FasTrak® after reporting it lost or stolen, please notify the Metro ExpressLanes Customer Service Center.
My FasTrak® transponder isn't beeping. Is it not working?
If your FasTrak transponder is not beeping you may need a replacement transponder. Please contact the Metro ExpressLanes Customer Service Center to obtain a replacement transponder. Upon request of a new transponder, you will be asked to return the faulty transponder.
Can I use FasTrak® anonymously?
Yes, you may open an anonymous Metro ExpressLanes FasTrak® account by visiting one of our walk-in centers. You will be required to open an account with cash and will be issued an account number. Anonymous accounts will not be issued communication about their account and the accountholder will be responsible for monitoring the account balance and replenishing the account without receiving reminders from the Metro ExpressLanes Customer Service Center.
How do I return my transponder(s)?
Transponder(s) can be returned by mail to the Metro ExpressLanes Customer Service Center. or returned in person at one of our walk in centers. Please provide your name, contact phone number/email and Metro ExpressLanes account number when you return the transponder. If your transponder was issued by a toll operator other than the Metro ExpressLanes, please return your transponder to the Agency indicated on the transponder.
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