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How will enforcement work on the Metro ExpressLanes?
In order for the Metro ExpressLanes to operate efficiently, a combination of visual monitoring by California Highway Patrol (CHP) vehicles, photo enforcement and FasTrak® will be used to ensure legal use of the ExpressLanes. When traveling on the Metro ExpressLanes, a beacon light will indicate the transponder occupancy setting. The beacon light is visible to the CHP who will perform a visual verification of the vehicle occupancy and cite non-compliant drivers. In addition to the CHP, if a driver uses the Metro ExpressLanes without a valid transponder, a photo of the vehicle license plate will be taken and the registered owner of the vehicle will be issued a Notice of Toll Evasion Violation.
What happens if I have both my standard and switchable transponder in the car?
It is not advised to have both transponders in the car at the same time when traveling on the I-10 ExpressLanes unless you have a mylar bag covering the standard transponder. This is because the system cannot distinguish between the two transponders so the standard transponder could be charged the toll even if the switchable transponder indicated the toll-free carpool switch setting.
Why did I get a toll violation?
A toll evasion violation occurs when a driver uses the ExpressLanes without a properly mounted transponder associated with a valid FasTrak® account (CVC 23302 et al). The registered owner of the vehicle is issued a toll evasion violation notice according to CVC 40250.
What is the penalty for a toll evasion violation?
The initial violation notice includes a $25 penalty. If the violation notice is unpaid after 30 days, a second delinquent notice will be sent and an additional delinquent penalty of $30 will be assessed.

First Notice Issued:

Toll plus $25 penalty

Second Notice Issued:

Toll plus $55 ($25 penalty, plus $30 delinquent penalty)

How can I resolve a violation?
You have several options for resolving a toll evasion violation issued by the Metro ExpressLanes:
  1. Open a FasTrak® account – you can have the penalty dismissed by opening a new FasTrak account. Only the toll amount will post to your account and the violation penalty will be waived. You must add the license plate to your account with an effective date prior to the date of the violation.
  2. Pay the amount due – remit payment immediately using one of the following payment options:
    • Click here to Pay Online – You will need your violation number and license plate information.
    • Pay by Mail – Include the violation number on the check/money order. Please do not send cash.
      • Metro ExpressLanes
        PO Box 3339
        Gardena, CA 90247
  3. Metro ExpressLanes FasTrak customers can click here to add the plate to your account with an effective date prior to the date of the violation.
  4. Contest the violation – the reverse side of the violation notice contains instructions for contesting a violation. You can either complete the Affidavit of Non-Liability or request an Investigative Review. You can also contest the violation online. Please include a detailed explanation of your contest reason, your email address and a phone number.
I’m a Metro ExpressLanes FasTrak Customer and received a violation. What should I do?
If your FasTrak account is with the Metro ExpressLanes and you received a violation notice, it is because either the license plate shown on the violation was not listed on your account at the time of the violation, or your account did not have sufficient funds to pay the toll. Make sure your account is up-to-date.
  • To add a license plate to your account, login to your account online and add the plate to your account with an effective date prior to the date the violation occurred. The toll amount for the violation will be deducted from your FasTrak account within 48 hours and the penalty will be waived.
  • If your account balance is not sufficient please make a payment online. Note that your account must have a pre-paid toll balance sufficient to cover the toll portion of the outstanding violations.
You can also resolve it by mailing the completed Account Holder section on the violation notice prior to the due date and submitting it to the address indicated on the notice.
I was carpooling, why did I receive a violation?
All vehicles (including carpoolers) traveling in the ExpressLanes are required to have a transponder. If you used the ExpressLanes without a transponder, a photograph of your vehicle license plate was taken and a violation notice was sent to the registered owner. To avoid having future violations issued, we suggest that you open a FasTrak® account and have the toll amount paid to your account. Carpoolers should have a FasTrak Flex to receive a toll free trip.
What if I receive a violation for a vehicle that I sold?
If the vehicle was sold before the time of the violation, you simply return the payment coupon on the Violation Notice with a copy of the bill-of-sale. The bill-of-sale should include the date the vehicle was sold, and the name and address of the person to whom you sold the vehicle.
What if I receive a violation for a vehicle that was stolen?
You will need to send a copy of the police report to the address indicated on the Violation Notice and the violation will be dismissed.
What happens if I don't pay my toll violation?
Toll violations are civil infractions. They do not affect your driving record, but the California Vehicle Code does permit the withholding of vehicle registration, civil judgments and other collection actions as provided by law. The Metro ExpressLanes first action is to attach delinquent penalties to the associated vehicle registration. If a vehicle registration withholding is not successful, balances are subject to be forwarded to a collection agency.
How can Metro put a hold on my DMV vehicle registration?
Section 40267 of the California Vehicle Code authorizes toll evasion penalties and fees to be placed on vehicle registration. A $4 administrative fee is added to each toll violation. You may pay violations that are placed on your vehicle registration either directly to the DMV with your vehicle registration, or to the Metro ExpressLanes Customer Service Center. A daily update of your payment transactions is performed between the DMV and the Metro ExpressLanes.
Who enforces traffic laws on the Metro ExpressLanes?
The California Highway Patrol (CHP) enforces all traffic laws on the Metro ExpressLanes.
If I sign up for FasTrak® online today, when will I receive my transponder?
You will receive your FasTrak® Flex transponder in the mail within 3-5 business days.
How do I Register a transponder I obtained at a retail location?
If you obtained your FasTrak Flex from AAA, Costco or Albertsons, you must activate it immediately online or by phone by calling (877) 812-0022. Prior to registration, $25 is held as a transponder deposit and the remaining balance of $15 is available as prepaid tolls. If you activate your FasTrak to an account that is automatically replenished by credit card, the $25 deposit will be moved into the prepaid toll balance. If you activate your FasTrak to an account that is replenished by a cash/check payment, the $25 will remain as the transponder deposit.
Are there any monthly fees associated with having a FasTrak® account?
Yes, a monthly $1 account maintenance fee is assessed. This monthly fee is waived for Low-Income Assistance Plan account holders ONLY.
When will I receive my FasTrak® statement?
FasTrak statements are e-mailed monthly or mailed quarterly free of charge. If you prefer to receive a monthly paper statement, your account will be charged $2 for each monthly statement. You will select your preferred method of statement delivery at the time of account opening and can change your option at any time.
Why does my statement show my license plate number listed for my trip instead of my transponder number?
The toll amount was posted to your account based upon your license plate, most likely because your transponder was not read. In accordance with California state law, transponders must be properly mounted on your windshield.
How do I access my account online?
You may monitor your account usage, or update account infomration, by logging onto your account. If you need assistance, you may contact the Metro ExpressLanes Customer Service Center by sending a message through your online account or calling (877) 812-0022.
How do I add a vehicle to my account?
You may add/delete license plates by clicking on this link Manage Vehicles (need link to manage vehicles inside account).
What happens when my FasTrak® account balance gets low or drops to zero?
It is your responsibility to monitor and track your account balance and to ensure that you have adequate funds to cover toll charges at the time of usage. You will receive courtesy communication via email letting you know your account requires replenishment. FasTrak accounts are prepaid accounts and your FasTrak Flex transponder will not accept charges if your account does not have sufficient funds to cover the charges.
What happens if I use my FasTrak® Flex with no funds in my account?
If you use the transponder when there are not sufficient funds in your account, the transactions will be processed as a toll evasion violation. Violations are subject to penalties, vehicle registration withholding and collection action as provided by law. In addition, accounts reaching a negative balance will be charged a $25 fee.
How do I close my account?
You can close your account by informing the Metro ExpressLanes Customer Service Center that you would like to close your account and return all transponders and pay any outstanding amounts that may be due. You can either return your transponders by mail at no cost, or in person to one of our Walk-in locations. If you cannot locate a transponder that is listed on your account you may log into your account and mark the transponder as lost. After all transponders are returned, contact the Metro ExpressLanes Customer Service Center to request the account be closed. If you have a balance on your account, a refund will be processed 21 days after the closure to ensure any outstanding transactions are completely processed.
How do I get extra Velcro® strips?
You can request additional Velcro® strips online or by calling (877) 812-0022. If making the request online, click on the following link Request Velcro®. Indicate the number of adhesive strips you would like and they will be mailed to you within 3 business days.
Where should I mount my transponder if my car has a metal oxide windshield?
If your vehicle has a metal oxide windshield you should consult your vehicle owner's manual or contact your dealership for the proper mounting location.
My FasTrak® Flex transponder isn't beeping. Is it not working?
If your FasTrak Flex is not beeping you may need a replacement transponder. Please contact the Metro ExpressLanes Customer Service Center to obtain a replacement transponder. Upon request of a new transponder, you will be asked to return the faulty transponder.