Beginning November 1st, 2023, the Pay-As-You-Go processing fee will increase from $4 to $8 per notice. In parallel, the Past Due Penalty for notices that are not paid on time will decrease from $21 to $17. In January 2020, Metro embarked on the Pay-As-You-Go pilot program to make the ExpressLanes more accessible by reducing the costs of access for non-FasTrak drivers. This removed the existing $25 penalty for using ExpressLanes without a transponder and replaced it with a $4 processing fee. Internal analysis using data collected during the pilot program determined that an $8 processing fee was needed to ensure the Pay-As-You-Go program remains financially sustainable. In June 2023, the Metro Board authorized making the Pay-As-You-Go program permanent, alongside raising the processing fee from $4 to $8 per notice. This change only applies to drivers that use the Metro ExpressLanes without FasTrak. Drivers with a valid FasTrak account and properly mounted transponder(s) are not subject to these processing fees. For more information about the Metro Board action please read the Board Report.