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Violation Inquiry
 Did you receive a violation at one of the Metro ExpressLanes Toll Plazas? You can resolve the violation online by paying the balance due using a credit card, or you can contest the violation online. To pay your violation by cash or check, please follow the instructions included on the violation notice or visit the Metro ExpressLanes Customer Service Center.
 Example: T20080101123212 (do not include dashes or numbers after the dash).
 — OR —
 Enter the license plate number that appears on your violation notice, and the license plate state and country.
 Non Metro ExpressLanes Account Holders: To avoid future violations and have the penalty amount waived, you may open a FasTrak account and add the vehicle plate for this violation to your new account. Please enter the effective date for the plate which is earlier than the violation date to ensure the violation is paid to the account. Click here to complete an online application.

Metro ExpressLanes account holders: Please login to My Account and select the Vehicles & Transponders tab to add your plate and have the penalties waived.

Other FasTrak® Customers: Please contact the customer service center that maintains your account and request to add the plate to your account prior to the violation date.